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Connect fans to your sponsors digitally & authentically with a mobile scratchers activation that captures attention during breaks in your game . Check out the video below for an overview with Nick!

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Today 30% of sponsor marketing budgets are reserved for digital. Tap into that budget with Mobile Scratchers

Fans scratch digital cards to reveal team and sponsor prizes & connect them to your partners easily & authentically during breaks in your game.

“It’s a reliable tool. We’re not having to recreate the wheel when sponsors want to do a giveaway. 

Our fans are going to it on their own. It’s allowed us to have this system in place that we can just run with, and our fans have responded well to it.”

Lindsey Gullett

Edmonton Oilers | Event Presentation Manager

Here's How Mobile Scratchers Work:


Fans see the activation on your scoreboard, app, or social media channels


Quickly and easily open the game on the web (no download)

Play & Win

Scratch digital cards to win great team & sponsor prizes

No Extra App or Fan Download

Our scratchers activation is a web app, essentially just a website. It plugs into your app, social, or website like the playable version to the right.

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Because Your Time Is Limited On Gameday...You Can Run Everything From Your Phone.

On gameday, you're running around doing 20 different things (we know, we used to work in sports). So we built our admin so you can customize & run your activation from your mobile device.

Activate Fans | Sell More Sponsorship

Sponsors love scratchers because it's an activation that is digital, trackable, and drives connection that leads directly to sales. 

Just by adding our mobile scratchers to their sponsor deck, sports teams have increased package revenue by 43%, on average.

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